Dhaka Polytechnic Institute ,Dhaka

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute ,Dhaka

Dhaka-Polytechnic-Institute ,Dhaka-dpi

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

History & Background

Economic growth for spring of a nation’s overall development requires not only physical resources and technical facilities but also the human resources to exploit the technologies properly. For overall economic growth and speedy development, “Human Capital” or Human Infrastructure is important as any other type of infrastructure. Technology and skill which play a prominent role in productive processes and also need properly qualified and trained skilled manpower.

There are various Institutions to educate and train the technocrats. Whereas the education and training is imparted by the Polytechnics, playa vital role to produce the mid level engineering manpower required for wide range of productive developmental activities in various industries and organizations. In the middle cadre of engineering sector trained and skilled Diploma Engineers plays a pivotal role. The Diploma Engineers refers to a heterogeneous group of production process and includes a variety of technology skills, occupations, education and training backgrounds. The Polytechnic Institutes conduct govt. recognized technology courses accredited by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and thus, generates Diploma Engineers of varied skills on a continuous basis. Polytechnic Institutes are the major institutional sources for the supply of skilled Engineers in the country.

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute is the premier and pioneer institution of technology and innovation in this region to produce such mid-level technical manpower i.e. Diploma Engineers in Bangladesh. Since its establishment in 1955 with only 120 students in four technologies, the Institute has consistently provided top quality education and training to students of the country. The Institute has therefore played a central role in the development of the country.

The Dhaka Polytechnic Institute is located at the Tejgaon Industrial Area of the Capital City of Dhaka. This unique location gives students and other stake-holders easy access to the institution. Moreover, by its location in Dhaka, which is the foremost industrial area the students of the institute have direct access to the widest industrial activities during their training.

The strength of our graduates lies in their ability to practically apply the technical skills acquired through the training to address the challenges of development of country by providing solutions through innovation. The versatility of our graduates is attested to by the continued demand and ready acceptance by the industry and employment market.

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute Hostel

Latif Hostel East
Latif Hostel west
Dr. Motahar Hossain Hostel
Zahir Raihan Hostel
Woman Hostel

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

DPI – Contact
Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sorony, Tejgaon Indurstrial Area, Dhaka – 1208
E-mail : info@dpi.gov.bd, principal_dpi54@yahoo.com
URL : http://www.dpi.gov.bd
Phone : 02 9116724

 Location :

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute is located at Tejgaon Industrial Area, 93, Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani just opposite to the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation Workshop an in between Bangladesh University of Textiles and Technical Teachers Training College about 100 meters north from the Sat-Rasta Intersection, and about 5 kilometers north from Shahid Noor Hossain Chattar ( Zero Point), Dhaka (Please see map at the back cover) and well connected from anywhere in the Dhaka city by bus and other transport.

Name : Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Designation : Principal
Department : Mechanical
Contact No : 01845962000
Email Address : mostafiz7783@gmail.com
Education Information :
B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical)
M.Sc. Engineering (IPE)
MEd (Tech. Edn.),PhD.
BCS 84 Bacth

Vice Principal:
Name : Md. Aktaruzzaman
Designation : Vice Principal
Department : Mechanical
Contact No : 01556310607
Email Address : aktaruzaman82@yahoo.com
Education Information :
B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical)
M.Sc. Engineering (Environmental Science)
Post Graduate Diploma (Computer Science)



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