Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

Welcome To Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is the premier seat of Bangladesh+Agricultural+University
higher agricultural education and research in the country.
The main task of the university is to tone up the quality
and standard of higher agricultural education and to
produce first-rate agriculturists, agricultural scientists and
researchers for shouldering the responsibilities of
agricultural development of the country.
The missions of university have been to develop the
art and science of agriculture for the well being of mankind,
and to educate agriculturists of high standards
of scientific, managerial and professional competence
in harmony with the environment, and to share
knowledge and skills with world partners.

 Bangladesh Agricultural University   
Permanent address:
Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU),Mymensing-2202, Bangladesh
Three (3) Km South of Mymensingh City & 120 Km North of Nation’s Capital City, Dhaka
Established : 18 August 1961
Telephone:+880 91 67401-06
Fax:+880 91 61510


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