Jahangirnagar University (JU)

Jahangirnagar University (JU)

Savar, Dhaka 1342
Establish Year: 1970

Permanent Address : Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Main Campus Address : Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
In-Campus Address : Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone : (880- 2) 7708478 – 85
Fax : (880- 2) 7708069
Email : registr@juniv.edu
Website : www.juniv.edu
VC’s Name : Prof. Dr. Shariff Enamul Kabir
VC’s Email : vc@juniv.edu
Registrar’s Name : Abu Bakr Siddique
Registrar’s Email : registr@juniv.edu
Treasurer’s Name : Prof. Dr. Md. Nasiruddin
Treasurer’s Email : treasure@juniv.edu
Number of StudentsMale Students: 7082Female Students: 3335

Total Students: 10417

Hall/Hostel/Dormitory FacilityMale Hostel Facility: 5558Female Hostel Facility: 2829
Number of TeachersFull Time Teachers: 437Part Time Teachers: 35

Total Teachers: 472

* This University has 178 PhD Holder Teachers.

Jahangirnagar University (JU) offers
Bachelor Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 26 Subjects
Masters Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 27 Subjects
PhD/MPhil Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 25 Subjects

About Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University established as a residential public university in 1970 has now 27 departments and four institutes, with more than ten thousand students, and almost five hundred academics devoted to teaching and research. The sprawling picturesque campus is situated 30 kilometres from the capital Dhaka, well linked with a national highway. The first parliament of Independent Bangladesh granted the university its Charter in 1973 under which the university is being operated.

The insignia of the university bears the national flower ‘white lily’ (Lilium condidu) with three petals bordered by strips of a traditional floral design with the name of the university in Bangla ensconcing in a semi-circle like a wreath of flowers.


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