Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

Establish Year: 2003

Khulna-University of Engineering and Technology-picture
Permanent Address          :     Fulbari Gate,Khanjahan Ali Thana,Khulna-9203,Bangladesh
Main Campus Address     :     Fulbari Gate,Khulna-9203,Bangladesh
Phone     :     +88-041-774403
Fax     :     +88-041-774403
Email     :
Website     :
VC’s Name     :     Prof. Dr. Md. Nawsher Ali Moral
VC’s Address     :     Khulna University of Engineering and Technology Khulna-9203,Bangladesh
VC’s Email     :
Registrar’s Name     :     Md. Abdur Rouf (In-charge)
Registrar’s Address     :     Khulna University of Engineering and Technology Khulna-9203,Bangladesh
Registrar’s Email     : of Students
Male Students: 2149
Female Students: 260Total Students: 2409
Hall/Hostel/Dormitory Facility

Male Hostel Facility: 1228

Female Hostel Facility: 168
Number of Teachers

Full Time Teachers: 202

Part Time Teachers: 0

Total Teachers: 202

* This University has 55 PhD Holder Teachers.

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) offers
Bachelor Programs
UGC approved and currently offered     6 Subjects
UGC approved but currently not offered     1 Subjects

Masters Programs
UGC approved and currently offered     8 Subjects

PhD/MPhil Programs
UGC approved and currently offered     8 Subjects

About KUET:
Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) is one of the leading public universities of Bangladesh giving special emphasis in the Engineering and Technological Education and research. KUET is well known for offering very high quality educational, research and developmental programs in the major disciplines of engineering as well as basic sciences. It has a sober objective to achieve excellence in quality education, research and progression to address the present needs of the country as well as the South-Western region to make it as the “Center of Excellence”.

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), Bangladesh established in 1967 as Khulna Engineering College, starts its long cherished Journey in 3 June 1974 after receiving special direction from the Father of Nation Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman. Later to ensure the better academic and research capabilities and environment, it is converted to an autonomous institute called Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Khulna in July 1986. To meet the demands of the days in the academic and research arena, the institute was upgraded and renamed as Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) in September 2003.

KUET offers engineering education in both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and also offers degree and conducts research in basic sciences at post-graduate level. At present, around 3111 students are studying in KUET�s in 14 Academic Department under 3 Faculty. For the academic session (2010-2011), total 665 top graded students of the country are enrolled yearly in undergraduate level through very competitive, transparent and standard admission test. Besides, quality level graduate study and research in M.Sc Engineering, M.Phil and Ph.D. Programs are running in its nourished environment. Students from foreign counties are also study in this prestigious institute. More than 202 eminent, scholarly and diverse faculties are engaged in teaching at this university in various disciplines.

In an attempt to expand and enrich the teaching and learning capabilities of this university, recently two new departments are established and students have already been enrolled to start undergraduate study from the coming session. The Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT) is also established recently to fulfill national and international demands through short courses, diploma, research and training program in various modern technological directions, especially in the sectors of Information Technology (IT).

The campus of this university stands at North-West corner of Khulna City Corporation, about 12 Km from the city center, in the midst of an impressive natural beauty having vast greenery spreading over an area of 101 acrs land. It has a fresh airy campus and congenial atmosphere with several students� halls of residence. The academic buildings are not far from residential halls having a harmonious bridge in between them. The Physical infrastructure including Halls of residence, Academic Buildings and Institutes, Workshops, Play grounds, Cafeteria, Auditorium, Teachers� quarters etc. are structured in a very planed way and are being improving day by day.

In every year, more than five hundred students are graduated from this university at different branches of engineering and technology. Then the graduates are distinguished themselves for up-holding their quality in engineering and technological excellence to meet the demands of the days. Many of them acquired leading distinction in profession all over the country as well as abroad. Despite, inherent limitations for being a Higher Education Institute (HEIs) of a Least Developed Asian Countries (LDACs), KUET is highly motivated and aimed to take the leadership in the promotion of technological development and management of the nation by strengthening education and research environments.


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