Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna University of Science and Technology-picture

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Temporary Campus, Government Teacher Training College, Rajapur, Pabna
Establish Year: 2008

Permanent Address : Pabna University of Science and Technology,Govt. TTC,Rajapur, pabna
Main Campus Address : Pabna University of Science and Technology, Govt. TTC, Rajapur, pabna
In-Campus Address : Pabna University of Science and Technology Temporary Campus:Govt. Teachers Training College, Rajapur, pabna
Out-Campus Address :
Phone : 0731-65790
Fax : 0731-64790
Email :
Website :
VC’s Name : Prof. Dr. Md. Mozaffor Hossain
VC’s Address :
VC’s Email :,
Registrar’s Name :
Number of StudentsMale Students: 400

Female Students: 50

Total Students: 450

Hall/Hostel/Dormitory FacilityMale Hostel Facility: 0

Female Hostel Facility: 50

Number of TeachersFull Time Teachers: 16

Part Time Teachers: 10

Total Teachers: 26

* This University has 1 PhD Holder Teachers.

Pabna University of Science & Technology offers
Bachelor Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 4 Subjects
Masters Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 0 Subjects


Pabna Science and Technology University is located on the south side of Pabna Nagorbary highway. The government has passed the Act in 15 July, 2001 to establish a science and technology university in Pabna. The university will be located in the district head quarter of Pabna. Moreover Pabna is a centrally located district town in the northern Bangladesh having long historical and cultural heritage. Academic curriculum of the Pabna Science and Technology University was started on 15th July 2008. This science and technology based university will play an innovative role in providing need based higher education, training and research. Also the university will be committed to maintain and raise the quality and standard of higher education for the students as in international standards. In accordance this University practical and need-based curricula that will produce highly qualified trained scientists and technologists for the need of our country as well as the world employment market.

The University offering Higher Education in Science and Technology based subjects for both undergraduate and post graduate levels. This newly established University will occupies an area of about 30 acres, with a number of multi-stored buildings. Because of its locational advantage, it has already drawn the attention to brilliant students for admission and scholarly faculty members for teaching and research.


The general mission of Pabna Science and Technology University is to establish the good academic public University in Bangladesh and also promote higher education at national as well as international level. However, some specific missions are:
  • Ensure need oriented and modern technology based education
  • Generate skilled and quality manpower in order to achieve knowledge and technology based society
  • Ensure quality and high standard educational environment
  • Undertake fundamental and applied research in relevant fields of human knowledge
  • Arrange seminars, conferences, workshops and training for teachers and staffs.


The vision of Pabna Science and Technology University is to create skilled manpower through quality education and research to full-fill the future needs of the country for establishment of peaceful and prosperous Bangladesh. Some of the specific visions for next ten years are as follows:
  • Develop adequate infrastructure facilities to enable smooth running of academic activities
  • Accumulate as much as 7140 students by the year 2019
  • Increase the number of faculty to 5 and subjects to 24 by the year 2019
  • Establish research laboratory and library facilities of international standard
  • Produce competent teachers and researchers in respective subjects
  • Publish standard books, journals and periodicals.

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