ASA University Bangladesh

ASA University Bangladesh

ASA University Bangladesh

ASA University Bangladesh

About ASAUB:

ASAUB is an institution of higher education absolutely dedicated to quality education at affordable cost. It is a relatively new university and prides itself on its focus on career planning and employability of its graduates. ASAUB stands for academic and professional excellence.

ASAUB began teaching with a batch of academics who, enriched by professionalism, technology and research opportunities, provide strong support to the students who are committed to explore their academic potential in a fascinating learning environment. The academics are devoted to enrich classroom learning through real-world activities such as internships, fieldwork, and lab works and to ensure students career success after the completion of their study. As our students are taught by academics of national and international reputation for their research and pragmatic teaching techniques, the students learn in an environment that is affluent in inventiveness and new ideas. Therefore, studying at ASAUB means that the students acquire the essential transferable skills along with practical experience in relevant employment fields which they need for developing successful career in this complex and fast changing world.

In addition to a stellar faculty, ASAUB is known for attracting the bright students from across Bangladesh and abroad.

In ASAUB campus, there is a rich library in which the collection of books reflects the courses taught here as well as the study areas and provide access to computing resources. ASAUB follows the North American system of trimesters, credit hours, letter grades, and one examiner. The curricula of each program, when first introduced, were proposed by ASAUB, and reviewed by the experts of UGC and then duly approved by UGC. The curricula are regularly reviewed and updated to include latest developments in each area of study and adapted to the current requirements and local needs. ASAUB open a program only after due approval by UGC.

Reasons for Choosing ASAUB:

    * ASA University Bangladesh has a radiant reputation in the scholastic arena for teaching and research.

    * The faculty members of ASAUB are of high profile, competent and resourceful. They are educated from world class universities at home and abroad.

   *  ASAUB degree is a welcome achievement towards the goal of a student to enrich his/her faculty of knowledge and/or elevate his/her career.

    * Three different starting dates per year provide the students with a wonderful opportunity to join any program of their choice at their convenience.

    * The academic programs of ASAUB are dynamic, comprehensive as well as precise in nature; hence they save time, energy and money.

   *  The learning process is aided by exclusive electronic devices and other required teaching aids and materials.

    * The tuition fees are much reasonable and affordable and lower than that of similar programs run by some other private universities.

    * The curriculums are always updated with the latest additions to knowledge in different disciplines.

    * The objective of the programs is to equip the students to meet the global demand.

    * The programs of ASAUB are contemporary and forward looking with worldwide exposure.

    * The course curriculums are innovative and pragmatic which are generally designed as per the demand of the job market and international standard.

   *  ASAUB facilitates the students of Business Administration in arranging internship and career placement in various widely recognised organizations.

    * Degree of the University is widely accepted in UK & USA on credit transfer basis.

    * The graduates of ASAUB will be preferred in getting job at ASA, ASA International and other organizations.

Contact Us:

Address: ASAUB,ASA Tower,23/3,Bir Uttam A.N.M Nuruzzaman Sarak,
(Formerly Known as Khilji Road)
Shyamoli, Mohammadpur
E-mail :
Telephone : 8122555,8130238,8130283
Fax : 880-2-8114831
Website :

Admission Section:
Name                                           Designation                           Extension

Ms. Zinat Tara                                 Sr. Administrative Officer             306

Ms. Shaheen Akhter                       Sr. Administrative Officer             304

Mr. Ali Muhammad Istiak             Assistant Officer                             300

Mobile : +88 01713148578 , 01678013160 , 01678013170


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