Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

About Us:

Established way back in 1968,situated far from the madding crowd and in serene, calm, Shanti-Niketan like surroundings the KALPANA CHAWLA GOVT. POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN, AMBALA CITY is near the session house and only 3 kms. away from the general bus stand. It is the oldest and a premier Women Polytechnic among the only three Women Polytechnics in HARYANA. It was opened for upliftment of Women section of the society. Now it has emerged as a leading, pace-setting and growing women education center in the field of Technical Education. It provides an excellent environment for learning to the students. It gives a beautiful and bewitching look due to its proper landscaping. After the death of Kalpana Chawla, the college was renamed by her name i.e. Kalpana Chawla Govt Polytechnic for Women.

KALPANA CHAWLA,41, who was an Aerospace Engineer and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor,born in Karnal,INDIA.She passed her 12th examination from Tagore School, Karnal,INDIA in 1976.Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering College,INDIA 1982; Master of Sciencein Aerospace engineering from University of Texas,1984;Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado 1988.Prior to her selection she joined Overset Method Inc. LOS Altos ,California,as Vice President and Research Scientist.Her hobbies were flying Aerobatics,Hiking,Back-packing and reading. Kalpana Chawla served as Flight Engineer and Mession Specialist to space for STS-107.As a member of Red Team,Kalpana Chawla,with CDR Rick Husband will be responsible for maneuvering Columbia as a part of several experiments in the shuttle’s payload bay.In completing her first mission,Kalpana Chawla travelled 6.5 million miles in 252 orbits of Earth and logged 376 hours and 34 minutes in space. Dr. Kalpana Chawla was among the seven space shuttle Columbia astronauts,who were killed on Feb,1,2003 just before landing.

   Number of Beneficiaries:- Since the starting of the institution, 4480 girls students have been trained and passed out / undergoing training in various disciplines. Some of our students have found placement in the reputed organizations and working as professionals in their respective fields. Apart from the upliftment of women belonging to the weaker sections of the society, particularly belonging to the rural areas, the instituion helps them by imparting training in various technical skills for gainful employment / self-employment.Until now, 4480 no. of women trainees have been benefited through this institute.1990 no trainees have benifited through community development centres run by the institute.

   Linkage with Industry:- The institute frequently organizes seminars, extension lectures by the experts invited from the various reputed organizations and industries to expose the students to latest know -how so as to enable them to keep in pace with the rapidly changing technological trends. The students of the institute are taken on visits to various industries for exposure to the practical works in actual industrial environment.


S.No.    Course Offered                             Annual Intake          Course Duration(in years)

1          Computer Engineering                                   120                                              3

2          Electronics & Communication Engg.                    60                                          3

3          Library & Information Science                       44                                              3

4          Medical Laboratory Technician                     44                                               3

5          Office Management & Computer Application      60                                     3

6          Pharmacy                                                     45                                               2

7          Business Management(Retail)                       60                                             3

8          Finance Accounts and Auditing                    60                                               3

Contact US:

Near Session Court,Ambala City.India
Ph. 0171-2557870
Fax No. 0171-2557870


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