Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women

About Us:

Established way back in 1968,situated far from the madding crowd and in serene, calm, Shanti-Niketan like surroundings the KALPANA CHAWLA GOVT. POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN, AMBALA CITY is near the session house and only 3 kms. away from the general bus stand. It is the oldest and a premier Women Polytechnic among the only three Women Polytechnics in HARYANA. It was opened for upliftment of Women section of the society. Now it has emerged as a leading, pace-setting and growing women education center in the field of Technical Education. It provides an excellent environment for learning to the students. It gives a beautiful and bewitching look due to its proper landscaping. After the death of Kalpana Chawla, the college was renamed by her name i.e. Kalpana Chawla Govt Polytechnic for Women.

KALPANA CHAWLA,41, who was an Aerospace Engineer and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor,born in Karnal,INDIA.She passed her 12th examination from Tagore School, Karnal,INDIA in 1976.Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering College,INDIA 1982; Master of Sciencein Aerospace engineering from University of Texas,1984;Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from University of Colorado 1988.Prior to her selection she joined Overset Method Inc. LOS Altos ,California,as Vice President and Research Scientist.Her hobbies were flying Aerobatics,Hiking,Back-packing and reading. Kalpana Chawla served as Flight Engineer and Mession Specialist to space for STS-107.As a member of Red Team,Kalpana Chawla,with CDR Rick Husband will be responsible for maneuvering Columbia as a part of several experiments in the shuttle’s payload bay.In completing her first mission,Kalpana Chawla travelled 6.5 million miles in 252 orbits of Earth and logged 376 hours and 34 minutes in space. Dr. Kalpana Chawla was among the seven space shuttle Columbia astronauts,who were killed on Feb,1,2003 just before landing.

   Number of Beneficiaries:- Since the starting of the institution, 4480 girls students have been trained and passed out / undergoing training in various disciplines. Some of our students have found placement in the reputed organizations and working as professionals in their respective fields. Apart from the upliftment of women belonging to the weaker sections of the society, particularly belonging to the rural areas, the instituion helps them by imparting training in various technical skills for gainful employment / self-employment.Until now, 4480 no. of women trainees have been benefited through this institute.1990 no trainees have benifited through community development centres run by the institute.

   Linkage with Industry:- The institute frequently organizes seminars, extension lectures by the experts invited from the various reputed organizations and industries to expose the students to latest know -how so as to enable them to keep in pace with the rapidly changing technological trends. The students of the institute are taken on visits to various industries for exposure to the practical works in actual industrial environment.


S.No.    Course Offered                             Annual Intake          Course Duration(in years)

1          Computer Engineering                                   120                                              3

2          Electronics & Communication Engg.                    60                                          3

3          Library & Information Science                       44                                              3

4          Medical Laboratory Technician                     44                                               3

5          Office Management & Computer Application      60                                     3

6          Pharmacy                                                     45                                               2

7          Business Management(Retail)                       60                                             3

8          Finance Accounts and Auditing                    60                                               3

Contact US:

Near Session Court,Ambala City.India
Ph. 0171-2557870
Fax No. 0171-2557870


Government Polytechnic Amravati

Government Polytechnic Amravati

Government Polytechnic Amravati

Government Polytechnic Amravati

Welcome to Government Polytechnic, Amravati

About G. P. Amravati

Government Polytechnic, Amravati is an autonomous institute of Government of Maharashtra which is one of the oldest institutes established in 1955. This institute had a long history of producing

technical manpower and rendering technical services to the society. Many students of this institute are chairing the topmost positions in Govt. offices and in the reputed companies. Some of pass-out students became successful entrepreneurs. Looking to the overall performance of the institute, M. S. had awarded academic autonomy to this institute from 1995.

Office Staff List :

S.N. Name Designation Phone No
1. Shri. S.H. Sapkale . Admn Officer/Supdt/Dy. Supdt. 0721-2660127
2. Shri. D.R. Shebe. Accountant 9730435007
3. Shri. R.M. Tiwari. Cashier 9730434585
4. Shri. V. R. Prashar Helper 9403840422


S.N. Instructor Name Centre & Address Phone No
1. Shri . S.S. Lingot Main center (Refrigeration and Air Condition) 9503230126
2. Shri.  A.P. Jamotkar Main center ( Digital Photography and Video Graphy) 9370155766
3. Shri.  A. R. Bobde Main center ( Building Supervisor) 9921133821
4. Shri. O.S.Pande Main center, (Electrical) 9595385058
5. Shri. H. V. Rudrakar Main center, (Mobile Repering) 9850902711
6. Shri. U.M. Takarthede Ex. Center. Yawali Shaid  Tq.  Amravati (Electronic mechanic) 9665961284
7. Mrs. H.D. Pachghare Ex. Center. Yawali Shaid Tq.  Amravati (Garment  Making) 9561251230
8. Shri. J.J. Vairale Ex. Center. Sawla pur  Tq. Achalpur (Electric Motor  Rewinding) 9767255925
9. Mrs. S.S. Raut Ex. Center. Sawla pur  Tq. Achalpur (Garment Making) 9970513319
10. Shri. P.G. Palekar Ex. Center. Adagaon  Tq. Morshi (Electrical) 9665870501
11. Mrs. H.P. Lokhade Ex. Center. Adagaon  Tq. Morshi ( Garment Making) 9657781335
12. Shri. S.T. Vahane Ex. Center. Takli (Bu.)  Tq. Nandgaon Kh. (Tractor Mechanic ) 7875088061
13. Shri. M.V. Virekar Ex. Center. Takli (Bu.)  Tq. Nandgaon Kh. (Electrician ) 8805289350
14. Miss. S.S. Belsare Ex. Center. Shingnapur  Tq. Daryapur. (Garment Making) 7507670753
15. Mr. S.D. Patre Ex. Center. Karla  Tq. Chandur Rly. (Tractor Mechanic) 9096459756
16 Mr. S.O. Umak Ex. Center. Karla  Tq. Chandur Rly. (Two Wheller Mechanic) 9665588047


1. Electrical Engineering
2. Mechanical Department
3. Computer Engineering
4. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
5. Civil Engineering6. Information Technology
7. Pharmacy Department
8. Plastic & Polymer Engineering

Contact Us:

Government Polytechnic, Amravati
Phone : (0721) 2666366(E) , 2660127(O)
Fax :  (0721) 2660127
Address : Government Polytechnic,
Gadge Nagar, VMV Road,
Amravati , 444603
Email : gpamravati@rediffmail.com
Web : http://www.gpamravati.ac.in

Ghousia Polytechnic for Women

Ghousia Polytechnic for Women

Ghousia Polytechnic for Women

Ghousia Polytechnic for Women


Ghousia Industrial and Engineering Trust was founded by Lt. Janab Alhaj Nabi Sharieff Saheb in 1962 to perpetuate the memory of his father Lt. Janab Mohammed Ghouse Saheb.

This Trust established a Polytechnic for girls to promote technical education for women. The venture of the Trust has promoted opportunities for brilliant girls in General and girls from the Muslim community in particular who are in pursuit of a technical career. The Trust also provided an excellent secured atmosphere for girl students by way of ample accommodation on a sprawling three acre land with spacious classrooms, well equipped workshops, laboratories.

Ghousia Polytechnic has highly qualified women teachers, who are oriented with the current curriculum resulting in excellent results over last few years.

The Polytechnic therefore is one of the most sought after institutions for girls. Public and Private Sector undertakings conduct regular campus interviews for selection of candidates.

The Campus:

Ghousia Polytechnic for Women is located in the heart of the city, near the professional hub – Electronics City, just off Dairy Circle on the Hosur Main Road in excess of three acres of well developed land giving a serene environment, perfectly fit for the education.


To make the students achieve success and imbibe in them the belief that they are and they can be the best computer professionals.


Educate the students to the level where they have optimistic approach, creative mind and effective communication skills and have a Qualitative Practical appoach of life.

Diploma in the following Engineering Streams:

   1. Computer Science & Engineering

  2.  Electronics & Communication Engineering

  3.  Commercial Practice

  4.  Apparel Design & Fashion Technology

Diploma Courses                                                 Intake

Computer Science                                                   90
Electronics & Commn.                                            90
Commercial Practice                                              60
Fashion Technology                                               60
Diploma in Information Science
Diploma in Mechatronics
Diploma in Civil Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering:
This is the new “Mantra” of today’s exploding “Information Age”. Computer education can attract a plethora of employment opportunities. For young women computer education holds the key to better life & financial independence. Students are extensively exposed to hardware & software technologies & hence can easily pursue a career in computer science & related fields.

Electronics & Communication Engineering:

This course would help students to become financially independent & would keep them abreast with the tremendous technological advancements in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. This course additionally gives students full benefit of both hardware & software technologies right from the basics to teh most recent areas of VLSI, VHDL, PLC, Embedded Technologies etc.

Commercial Practice:
This course can be opted by students interested in the field of business & commerce. The aim is to educate students both in office & business management, to equip them with knowledge in the field of commerce & economics, office administration, maintenance of computerized accounts, e-commerce, trading etc.

Apparel Design & Fashion Technology:

This course can be opted by students with a flair for designing & creativity, who wish to pursue a career in garment industry, interested in textile designing techniques, such as Embroidery, Knitting, Fabric Painting, Printing, Tie and Dye, etc.

Contact Us:
Ghousia Polytechnic for Women
Hosur Road, Near Diary Circle,
Bangalore – 560 029.India.
Tel: +91-80-25536957, +91-80-25536527
Email ID: Ghousia_Polytechnic@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.ghousiaedu.org

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